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Neli Maneva


Landscape Designer

CA Contractor License 989935

M. Land. Arch. 



           Neli Maneva graduated from the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Masters of Science in Landscape Architecture. She met her husband, Stan Manev, at school, and together they started their careers in Giro-M (a landscape design and installation firm) managing and designing landscaping projects in different cities in Bulgaria.  

           Neli and Stan moved to South Carolina in 2010, where they continued with their landscaping careers, working at Blue Dot Landscaping. Neli continued her professional education by becoming a Autodesk, AutoCAD certified professional and certified plant care herbicide applicator with Clemson University. In Blue Dot, she helped conceive and create numerous beautiful gardens and landscapes and worked as a landscape designer and horticulturist.

           After relocating to California in 2013, Neli enrolled in UC Berkeley and took plant material class, after which she worked at the City of Albany as a tree care specialist. Her comprehensive knowledge of plants, combined with her education and firsthand experience from three distant climate zones throughout the world distinguish her as an indisputable specialist in this area.

           Neli is also interested in the growing movement towards sustainable practices. Neli met Todd Britt while volunteering on a variety of projects, including rainwater catchment and grey water systems, aquaponics, living walls, and natural building materials. In addition she has taken the Grey Water Certification Course administered by the QWEL program of the EPA.

            In 2013, Neli became a licensed as a Landscape Contractor in the State of California and together with Stan started Interactive Landscapes.

           Neli, Stan, and Todd have been working on professional projects since 2014. Their complementary and cross-disciplinary skill sets have allowed them to successfully execute several creative and challenging projects, while continuing to develop best practices in resource conservation and environmental sustainability.

           Prior to this, Neli spent 4 years studying Japanese at Eastern Languages High School in Sofia. She maintains her interest towards the Asian culture and often implements the unique symbolism in her gardens. Some of Neli's favorite things to do are Origami and Ikebana.  

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